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Questions to Ask Prior to Surgery

Before your pre-surgery office visit, please try to have as many questions ready prior to seeing the doctor as possible. It can be difficult to think of everything at that time, but we recommend writing your questions down while waiting for the doctor.

Some frequently asked questions are:

  1. How long will my surgery be?
  2. What type of anesthesia will I be given?
  3. Will I be spending the night in the hospital or going home the same day?
  4. When can I take a shower?
  5. When can I bear weight (if hip/knee/ankle surgery)?
  6. How will I get around following surgery? (crutches, walker, wheelchair, cane)
  7. When can I lift objects (if shoulder/elbow surgery)?
  8. How long until I am fully recovered?
  9. Will I need rehab or physical therapy?
  10. How long will I be out of work/school?
  11. How long before I can return to running, sports, phys. ed, health club?
  12. When can I drive?

If you have additional questions regarding surgery after you leave the office, please direct those to the main office at 732-283-BONE (2663).